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testimonial RE: Gabe Dansky

"Gabe Dansky created the custom cabinetry for our new home that was completed in 2009. My husband and I are thrilled with the results. Gabe is a true artisan with great attention to detail, form and function. His cabinets are simply beautiful and compliment each room. Gabe was collaborative with our interior architect and myself from the beginning to the end of the project and had multiple suggestions for enhancing the beauty of the cabinetry and ways to operate within our budget. He is extremely professional, courteous and pleasant to work with. He completed the work in a timely fashion and made sure my husband and I were happy with the quality of the work.
We are extremely pleased that we had the opportunity to work with Gabe Dansky and would not hesitate to use his services again for any projects we might pursue. His work is truly outstanding and we would recommend him highly without reservations."

Best regards,
Ida Alul
Scott Gilbride "Dansky Handcrafted Cabinets has been a very strong component in our recent projects. Gabe's knowledge of his product has allowed us to provide exquisitely beautiful and pragmatic cutting edge cabinetry for these homes. He has helped us provide the most practical solutions for storage needs in a gorgeous package. He is also exceedingly easy to communicate with in process and insists on top quality construction which aligns with our design goals nicely. I would highly recommend his services!"

Scott Gilbride
Scott Gilbride/Architect Inc.

"The work Dansky did in custom-creating my kitchen cabinites and pantry door, bathroom cabinets, den cabinets and home entertainment center are the focal points of my custom-built home. Dansky was creative, inspiring, a problem solver, on-time, on-budget and the work was absolutely impeccable. Dansky was without a doubt the most reliable and trust-inspiring of the outside contractors I worked with. He has also stayed in touch to insure my satisfaction for two years! "I would enthusiastically recommend Dansky woodworking to anyone desiring world class cabinetry and custom woodwork."

John Wilson III
"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the care and additional steps necessary to complete the Morris residence. The details and joints were one of a kind and you executed them with precision. You took the time to select lumber to match rare veneers. "I was unable to find a flaw in the finish work and there was not one joint or piece of wood that needed to be reworked. Everything was executed as if the finest craftsman on earth had fashioned it with his personal commitment and love."

Mark J Bucon
Design Architect
"Dansky's work is beautifully finished and elegant in proportions. Our friends and neighbors who have visited our new home are enthusiastic in their praise of his workmanship. Gabriel is a delightful young man who is enthusiastic about the projects and gives sound advice and performance. He is completely trustworthy with his clients. His prices are fair and his workmanship priceless. We recommend Gabriel to anyone who appreciates expertise in cabinetry."

John Butler